so i decided to make a giveaway 


  • fall out boy vest
  • fall out boy t shirt
  • my chemical romance crew neck sweatshirt
  • twenty one pilots stay alive bracelet
  • twenty one pilots red t shirt
  • twenty one pilots red crew neck sweatshirt 
  • panic! at the disco white t shirt 
  • panic! at the disco black t shirt


  • must be following me (bycottlove) i will check
  • only reblogs count (you can like it but it wont count)
  • no giveaway blogs (i will check)
  • optional: if you want an extra entry you can follow my instagram
  • you can reblog as many times as you want but please do not spam your followers
  • i will ship worldwide 
  • the items can be any size that you want
  • this ends on october 1st
  • if the winner doesnt want any of these items i will choose another person and give that person those items
  • i will choose the winner randomly using a website 
  • i guess that’s it

good luck!

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Spotify Italy - Viral 5017. Car Radio, Twenty One Pilots

Spotify Italy - Viral 50
17. Car Radio, Twenty One Pilots

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Carpe Noctem

Carpe Noctem

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